Enabling Developers to Focus on What Matters

Cloud services for rapid app prototyping without backend code. Ideal for Spartan developers bringing new app ideas to life.

Unblock your app ideas

Straightforward, open-source, and designed for the hard-code developer who values efficiency and innovation. AWS Amplify is the younger (but larger) commercial brother of AppifyHub.

Sign-Up and Authorization

Quickly integrate a simple sign-up and login system, enabling you to safeguard user data with minimal effort.

Multi-Channel Communication

Use the API to easily communicate with your users via SMS, email, or push — no additional integrations needed.

Role-Based Access Control

Implement access controls to ensure your users can only navigate and use what they're authorized to.

100% Open-Source

View, edit and propose changes the the source code, further empowering app developers worldwide.

Getting Started

To keep things running smoothly , all current sign-ups on AppifyHub are invite-only. You can still self-host and explore everything the service has to offer.

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Clear and Intuitive API

With an emphasis on simplicity and convention over configuration, AppifyHub's API is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, enabling faster integration with your app.

Handholding not allowed!

Instead of guiding you through an array of step-by-step tutorials, you are invited to directly take a look at API documentation. Guided by its Spartan philosophy, AppifyHub's "monolith" service is easy to deploy and provides well-documented source code on GitHub.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to the most common questions.

Is the code really free?

Absolutely. AppifyHub is open-source under the MIT License, which permits commercial use

How can I request a new feature?

For feature requests, please open an issue on GitHub .

Can I pay to use AppifyHub?

Not right now. The managed services at appifyhub.com and staging.appifyhub.com are not available for commercial use.

How is the data stored?

Your data's storage location depends on your deployment. AppifyHub.com data is hosted in the EU on European servers. By default, data is not encrypted.

Can I integrate AppifyHub with other services?

Yes, AppifyHub is built for flexibility, supporting integrations with a variety of third-party services using REST or SDKs.

Where can I find support and community discussion?

GitHub discussions are the go-to place for support, discussions, or contributing to the AppifyHub ecosystem.

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